After a few months of planning and production, the Nature Matters videos were ready for screening! Miss Aoki brought popcorn to help celebrate the achievement of finishing the videotaping, poetry writing, audio recording and video editing.

Students first discussed their experience and what they had learned about the production process as well as working with each other. For almost all the students, it was their first time making a movie and for everyone, it was their first time making a movie featuring their poetry and videos.

Naramata School principal Jeff Redden joined the students for the premiere screening and spoke to them afterwards about how excited he was to see their movies and hoped they would create more next year.

Our students live in a world where communicating through videos, stories and images is such a growing part of what language is evolving into. How we communicate, increasingly, is through cameras and screens.

I feel this project, which invited them to share their feelings on nature through their words and images, also provided them an opportunity to slow that camera to screen process down. And by doing so, helped them develop visual storytelling skills that they will utilize throughout their lives.

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